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"Blacksburg Delivers" brings local dining options to campus

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Faculty, staff, and students will have a new option to order from their favorite local restaurant and have it delivered on Virginia Tech's campus.  Blacksburg Delivers is a partnership between the town of Blacksburg, local businesses, and Virginia Tech.  Hungry customers can go to

We are excited through a strong partnership with the Town of Blacksburg and the university to bring the restaurants that our community loves on campus. You go to there is a landing page and there are a host of restaurants and we'll continue to add more restaurants. If you're on campus as a faculty member, student, anybody on campus can order it's click and deliver. You click it. You can have it delivered at two different times. One is 11:00 AM, one is 1 PM. In two different locations, One is Derring Hall, one is Litton-Reeves. Our community always rallies behind each other. And when we see our businesses needing help, they have the resources, they have the capabilities to provide an immense amount of food service. You can see the community really coming together from a business and the government and the university to say we have a need and we have a solution.