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Installing tents to give Hokies more space on campus

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Virginia Tech Facilities crews are setting up tents around various shared spaces around campus.  In lieu of students congregating indoors, the goal is to maintain physical distancing while still fostering a social environment.
We're putting up a variety of tents across campus, different sizes. To provide some outdoor space for the students so they're not congregating inside the buildings. Also providing some additional WiFi. All of the tents will have additional lighting so students can congregate at night. There are several locations. We've got Lavery, we've got Burchard, Peddrew-Yates, Owens, Dietrick, and also the overhang at Derring which will be more permanent space. So there's quite a few spaces spread out over campus. It's a little out of the ordinary. But I think it'll work well to help the students spread out and have a little more little more gathering space to make up for spots that are that won't be able to be utilized. If they've looked at how some of the classrooms that capacity has been drastically reduced. This will allow students more, more space to get out and actually get together and have the college experience.