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On-campus students participate in COVID testing

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Category: campus experience Video duration: On-campus students participate in COVID testing
Students living on campus participate in required COVID-19 during move-in. Testing will take place at Lane Stadium daily through move-in.  
All the residential on-campus students will test on the day of their move in. That's anywhere from about 800 to 1000 a day. Our goal was to keep people separated and to get them tested as quickly as possible. So we're allowing 60 people in at a time. They'll immediately split and then they split again. They'll check in at four different check-in tables that we have. And then we have corrals to keep them six feet apart as they go into the little medical rooms. Once they've had it down, we ask them to limit their movement. So basically a self quarantine, which means you can move around, but you need to wear your mask constantly when you're outside of your dorm room until you get your results.