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Meet a Hokie: Madelynn Todd

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Madelynn Todd is the 2019 Undergraduate Student Representative to Virginia Tech's Board of Visitors. The junior, majoring in animal and poultry sciences, applied for the role in hopes of highlighting an issue close to her. Todd quickly found a way to connect with other students and board members to communicate their concerns.
[00:00:06] >> My name is Madelynn Todd. I'm a junior in animal and poultry sciences. You're the voice for the largest population of students here at Virginia Tech. I think my main drive was seeing that I could effect change here and that this seemed to be the best role. I think being a disabled student, you see a lot that other students maybe, miss and so my biggest drive was obviously, I wanted to change accessibility a lot. [00:00:30] Once I started realizing that there's other students here that have issues that I don't even know about. Listening to people who are very different from you. It's a very diverse school and it's amazing. You get a lot of different viewpoints but I think to be in this position you have to have an understanding of issues that may not affect you. [00:00:49] We don't all face the same issues but they are important to solve and I think you have to just be patient, very, very patient with things it and understand that it takes sometimes can take a while for things to change. I think the most surprising thing is I wasn't expecting the family that I would get with either administration and students that maybe I would never meet without having this role. [00:01:10] It's so surprising to see how much they really take in what you're saying and really want effect change as well.