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Children’s National Hospital, Virginia Tech announce partnership for new Children’s National Research & Innovation Campus

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Category: research Video duration: Children’s National Hospital, Virginia Tech announce partnership for new Children’s National Research & Innovation Campus

Children’s National Hospital and Virginia Tech announce a formal partnership that will include the construction of a 12,000-square foot Virginia Tech biomedical research facility within the new Children’s National Research & Innovation Campus.

The campus is an expansion of Children’s National that is located on a nearly 12-acre portion of the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., and is set to open its first phase in December 2020.

[00:00:00] >> We have a longstanding, working relationship between Virginia Tech and Children's National and this is really building on that and taking the next big step so this new part of our relationship enables us to actually have a physical presence here in the District at the new facilities that Children's National is developing at the old Walter Reed Army Medical Center campus. [00:00:20] So by virtue of that, we will not only have the collaborations, the interaction, the intellectual engagement we've had for many years but we'll also have a physical proximity in day-to-day interaction in our research programs. Our organizations share the same kinds of values. We're focused on the future. What can we do to make a big impact? [00:00:41] And in this case on children. It was a natural conversation to go to the leadership of Virginia Tech and say 'What do you think... What do you think about being partners on this new research and innovation campus focused solely on children but in Washington, D.C.?' and they jumped at it and that gave us the confidence and the excitement that we could make this happen. [00:01:04] And having the nation's capital right here and being able to have a presence here just enables all kinds of possibilities for collaboration, partnerships with industry, federal agencies, other academic and health units, etcetera. So there's a natural magnetism to the area I think that behooves all of us to do the best we can and then of course this specific connection with Children's National is such a strong point for us because with the Ut Prosim motto at Virginia Tech about service and the Children's commitment to the improvement of health and lives of children it's a perfect marriage, in so many ways. [00:01:40] I think that the research and discovery that happens on this campus is not only going to help children locally but it's going to be the kind of breakthroughs, discoveries that are going to help kids across the country and around the world. The motto of Virginia Tech is just incredibly consistent with our value, our mission. [00:02:00] What we've been trying to do for 150 years. Serve our community, serve our kids.