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Computer Science Resources Consortium connects students with employers

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Virginia Tech’s Computer Science Resources Consortium connects industry partners with engineering and computer science students. The consortium benefits students through scholarships, mentoring, and career pathways while companies benefit from Virginia Tech graduates who are able to respond to the needs in the high-tech sector.

[00:00:00] >> Virginia Tech computer science major Ankita Khera was drawn to Virginia Tech because of the opportunity she'd have here. "To stand out as a computer science student, you need to do a lot of things outside of the classroom." The Computer Science Resources Consortium scholarship recipient knows the benefits of making connections as more than 350 companies come to campus to meet students each year. [00:00:23] "I did get a internship in freshman year with Lockheed Martin. And following that, in sophomore year, I did speak to IBM and I was able to get an IBM internship as well." College of Engineering Dean Julia Ross says Virginia Tech, the 5th largest producer of engineers in the country, works to prepare students for the workforce. [00:00:42] "We want our students to be as well prepared as they possibly can be to go out and have amazing careers and a really important part of that is us understanding what industry needs from our students. And so, you know, we really care very much about building partnerships with business and industry to help us understand their needs, to make sure we really are producing the talent that will help drive their futures." The Innovation Campus in Northern Virginia is yet another way Virginia Tech can create a pipeline and talent workforce of tomorrow. [00:01:17] "Right now, there's a significant gap in the number of people with training in computer science and computer engineering. And so, as we think about the Innovation Campus, it's real