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President Tim Sands helps new, returning Hokies move in

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Category: campus experience Video duration: President Tim Sands helps new, returning Hokies move in

Hundreds of Hokie Helpers, dressed in their signature blue shirts, welcomed new and returning students to their Virginia Tech residence halls. President Tim Sands and Laura P. Sands surprised some unsuspecting students and parents to help with their move-in.

[00:00:05] >> Welcome to our new Hokies and our families and welcome back to everybody returning. Well, It is absolutely the best day of the year, for me anyway. We enjoy seeing all the new Hokies arrive on campus and usually the shock of the parents when the Hokie Helpers come out and take the load off. [00:00:26] We usually don't introduce ourselves right away. We have a chance to have an authentic conversation and they treat us like just any member of the community that's there to help. They are really excited. They're joyous about this new opportunity ahead of them. (Thank you for all your assistance, we really appreciate it.) They're ready to take on all the opportunities here and the challenges too. [00:00:50] I'm excited for them. We're excited to get this new year started. Go Hokies!