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Third Coast Percussion teaches area students the science of sound

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Category: culture Video duration: Third Coast Percussion teaches area students the science of sound
The arts, science, and technology inform each other in many meaningful ways. The Moss Arts Center offers opportunities for area students to experience the unique relationships between these disciplines through special engagement events with its visiting artists. Watch music ensemble Third Coast Percussion present their WAVES (wonder, arts, vibration, engineering, science) workshop to area students in third through sixth grades at the center. 

The interactive presentation introduced students to the science of sound--presenting art and music alongside science and technology.
[00:00:01] >> At the Moss Arts Center our mission is to engage many many different audiences with the arts, and specifically focus on opportunities where we can show the bridge among the arts, science, and technology. Waves Workshop is a program that we've developed and it explores the science behind concepts like amplitude and frequency and how that relates to music. [00:00:41] What I'd like you to do -- see what happens to the sine wave. Third Coast Percussion seemed like the perfect ensemble to invite here... because here at Virginia Tech we're continually exploring the ways in which different disciplines inform one another and they seem to be an ensemble that really embodied the dissolving of those boundaries, recognizing that when people are able to think about music like engineers or think about science like humanists that they're much more fulfilled people. [00:01:15] We found that education often puts different subjects in different buckets and isolates them...and that's not how real life works so we like to present the arts and music alongside some of the scientific background of what we do and a holistic approach to teaching sound. One of the reasons we were so excited about the waves program was the way in which it provides lots of different avenues into the arts for students- for those who haven't had experience with music but are really energized by science- this seems like the perfect opening for them to engage with science through this new angle of both