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Ut Prosim Stories: Luisa Burgos

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Hear Assistant Director for Undergraduate Admissions Luisa Burgos tell her Ut Prosim Story. What's your Ut Prosim Story? The Office for Strategic Affairs wants to hear how you're demonstrating service impact.

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[00:00:00] >> Hi my name is Luisa and I am Bolivia. I am one of the assistant directors for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions here at Virginia Tech. When I first came to Virginia Tech, it was because I was a volunteer for a summer program called Hispanic College Institute. In that program we bring over 150 high school kids, a lot of them identify as Hispanic, and we bring them to basically empower them and to believe that they can achieve a higher education. [00:00:33] Ever since then I ended up here for grad school pursuing higher education-student affairs. Now in my current role, I not only get to be a resource to students at Virginia Tech but prospective students looking to come to Virginia Tech. My personal passion is to hopefully be a resource to those identify like myself as first generation or that come from underrepresented or marginalized backgrounds. [00:01:00] I try to come to events on campus, support students such as this place. This is where I found community and this is El Centro. I try to come for their Comida y Comunidad where it brings faculty, staff, and people all together. In my current role, I now will be working with the leadership team and leading the Hispanic College Institute with others and leading another initiative that now is part of Tech called the Black College Institute. [00:01:26] Both of these programs will now be serving students and they will be to hopefully get them to look into Virginia Tech, believe that they can come here and that th