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For Sylvie Job, taking an online class during winter session at Virginia Tech helped her be more prepared and ready to start the spring semester. The flexibility of the course allowed her to create her own classroom, which even included the airport while traveling during the winter break.
[00:00:02] >> I chose to take a winter class to get ahead for my senior year. You know, I wish I had known about winter courses ahead of time because as a freshman and sophomore this would have been a great opportunity. Especially to get ahead in my major. I always feel like during winter break I'm just very relaxed. [00:00:21] You know, kind of doing nothing and as much as that's great, I also always feel when I get back for spring semester that I'm just not prepared. So, taking the winter class was great because I was still doing school work and when I returned to school I was prepared to start my next classes. [00:00:38] I was kind of nervous about how the information would be learned in that short of amount of time, but I was actually so surprised. By the end of the class, I felt like I had learned more than even a semester long class. You are able to make your own deadlines, you can get things done at your own pace, which was really fun. [00:00:57] The best part was just being able to sit in bed and do it, or even just lounge around on the couch and have my work out and getting that done. I did have travel plans over winter break and being able to just have my laptop and the whole class on my laptop was so nice. [00:01:13] No matter where I was, even if I was in the airport, I could just pull out my laptop and get some work done. Also, I really enjoy forming relationships with my teachers and that was one of my concerns, was just through a computer- will we get to know each other at all? [00:01:26] And I actually did. She had online office hours and things like that where I could really actually get to know her. The Course I did take this past winter was for my major and it did give me the credits for that. So, it was really nice to be able to get ahead in that way. [00:01:43] I would definitely take a winter class again.