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Virginia Tech entomologist finds practical solution for cockroach infestations

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Category: research Video duration: Virginia Tech entomologist finds practical solution for cockroach infestations
Virginia Tech entomologist Dini Miller is using her research to help end cockroach infestations, particularly in public housing. Her practical protocol is changing the approach for urban pest management.

[00:00:00] >> The thought of insects in your home would make a lot of people squirm. Specially cockroaches that's the big problem here in Virginia Virginia Tech entomologist an urban pest management specialist for Virginia Cooperative Extension DENI Miller is using the research to help and cockroach infestations particularly in public housing in multi-unit housing in particular low income housing HUD requires the US HUD requires that they go with the lowest bidder and since time is money that means that the technician has very limited time to go into a single apartment and then treat it for the insects that may be in there Miller's method means tenets no longer have to empty their closets or cupboards to prepare for insecticide spraying so when the pest control company had to put out these little droplets of bait they could do it fast enough so only a little bit of bait ever got put out instead she's come up with a practical way to target the pests without sprays and without disrupting tenant living and we started using wax paper and cutting it into little squares this is heavy technology here cutting it into little squares folding it on the diagonal and running jailbait down the crease and then taking these little packs of bait and putting them around in the cracks and crevices the end result Miller says is the application of more bait than pest control companies have time to apply what we found out is the roach is really loved eating it that way and since we weren't disturbing him