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Global Entrepreneur Challenge 2018

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The Apex Center for Entrepreneurs hosted the Virginia Tech Global Entrepreneur Challenge August 16-25, providing a unique opportunity for student teams from all over the world.
[00:00:05] >> This is my first visit to U.S. and it has been amazing experience. The Virginia Tech Global Entrepreneur Challenge is a wonderful opportunity for enterprising teams from all over the world to come and pitch their business ideas for a thirty thousand dollar grand prize. Through this event we really allow our event attendees to build their global networks, to experience diverse cultures, and to celebrate entrepreneurship on a global scale. [00:00:45] I'm going to present, like a revolutionizing way of interacting with art, a new way of bringing art into everyday life. Home is Mexico. We're developing a pad, it's called HemABO our pad, that not only stops bleeding, like extreme bleeding in situations of emergency but it also detects a person's blood type so it does a blood test on site in a matter of seconds and that could potentially save a life. [00:01:22] Enjoyed tremendous amount of hospitality and generosity of the American people, so for me the highlight is to be able to be in America and spend time with all of these people from all over the world and still feel like home, that for me was the highlight of my time here.