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2023-24 parking permits: On-sale dates and helpful reminders

From: Virginia Tech Transportation Services

Parking permits for the 2023-24 academic year will go on sale at 8 a.m. Eastern Time on the following dates:

  • July 24, 2023: Faculty/staff and general graduate student parking permits go on sale. This includes Annual, Semester, Evenings Only, and Remote. Permits will be mailed beginning Aug. 7, 2023.
  • Aug. 4, 2023: Perry Street graduate and Perry Street commuter student permits go on sale. Permits will be mailed beginning Aug. 7, 2023.
  • Aug. 7, 2023: Student permits go on sale (Commuter; Residential; all other permits).

Current permits for 2022-23 expire Aug. 31, 2023. 

2023-24 annual permits are valid from the time of purchase until Aug. 31, 2024.

If you would like to use your new 2023-24 parking permit to access the North End Center Garage or any of the gated lots on the Blacksburg campus before Sept. 1, 2023, please contact or call 540-231-3200 for assistance.

  • Only one permit can be active at a time, so the 2022-23 permit will be deactivated before the 2023-24 permit is activated.

Permits can be purchased online or in person at 505 Beamer Way. If you are a student or employee, please login with your PID and password using 2-Factor Authentication. If you do not have a PID, or need additional help with the 2-Factor Authentication process, contact 4HELP at 540-231-4357.


Yes, Virginia Tech will be offering a prorated permit refund schedule. The refund schedule will be included in the 2023-24 Parking Manual, which will be posted on the homepage mid-late summer 2023.

Quick permit breakdowns for faculty/staff:

  • Break-even point for purchasing an annual permit: Approximately 66 days on campus.
  • 1 day a week on campus: Purchasing hourly or daily parking through ParkMobile or a daily permit online or at Parking Services is your best bet.
  • 5 days/a month or fewer on campus/less than 3 hours a day/a few days a month: Paying for daily parking or by the hour is your best bet. The daily permit is $8 and can be purchased online, at the Parking Services office, or through ParkMobile. Hourly permits can also be purchased through ParkMobile.
  • 6 or more days a month: The break-even point for purchasing an annual permit is 66 days on campus, or around 6 days a month. The Monthly permit ($38), Quarterly permit ($141), or Annual permit ($420) could all be good options.

Parking rules are enforced 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Permit/paid parking enforcement on Blacksburg campus is enforced Monday - Friday, from 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. All who park on campus will need to display a parking permit, use the ParkMobile app, purchase a daily parking permit, or park at a meter.

Sustainable Transportation commuting is a great option for getting to and from campus. Click here to learn more.

  • The Bike, Bus, and Walk permit is available to Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students who use sustainable transportation methods as their primary means of commuting to campus, including riding Blacksburg Transit or the Smart Way bus, bicycling, and/or walking. Bike, Bus, and Walk semester permits are $48 and yearly permits are $96.
  • The carpool program allows commuters, faculty and staff to share one parking permit for the purpose of reducing the number of single-occupancy vehicles on campus. Carpool participants are not eligible for any other parking permit, but may purchase daily permits. 
  • Evening Only permits allow for visitors, faculty, staff, and students to park on campus after 5 p.m. This permit will allow parking in any lot designated Faulty and Staff, Commuter and Graduate, Resident, or any university permit areas.
  • Remote Permits are available to faculty, staff, students living off campus, vendors, businesses, and contractors for a reduced fee.

Have a parking question? Email or call 540-231-3200 for assistance.

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