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    Wheelchair tennis team serves up new era of adaptive athletics , article

    The Virginia Tech Wheelchair Tennis team, a club sport offered through Recreational Sports, attended the Collegiate Wheelchair Tennis Championships — its first national championship — in April in Orlando, Florida.

    Date: May 15, 2023
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    Veterinary college alumni at forefront of effort to contain avian flu and its impacts , article

    From personally escorting a sample on a flight from Virginia to Iowa for testing, to joining a delegation on a trans-Pacific flight to Japan to convince trading partners the U.S. poultry supply is safe, alumni from the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine are on the front lines in the battle to control the impacts of the highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreak.

    Date: Mar 01, 2023
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    Virginia Tech alumna takes love and hope to native Ukraine , article

    Operation Christmas Child always has been important to Elizabeth Henry Groff ’17, who spent much of her childhood in an orphanage in Ukraine before being adopted by a Williamsburg, Virginia, couple when she was 13. She recently returned to the war-torn country with Samaritan’s Purse staff to hand out Operation Christmas Child’s 200 millionth shoebox.

    Date: Feb 24, 2023
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    'Ut Prosim': More than a motto at Virginia Tech , article

    As Virginia Tech celebrates its sesquicentennial, its motto remains at its core, fully embraced by students, employees, and alumni as a timeless ideal of helping fellow humans and bettering the communities in which they live.

    Date: Nov 16, 2022
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    What’s in the backpack, Addison? , article

    As William Addison Caldwell climbs the stairs up to the Upper Quad, he carries the historical equivalent of a backpack. Its contents remain a secret, forever enclosed in bronze of the statue itself. But it’s not a mystery to the sculptor, who now reveals the contents.

    Date: Oct 21, 2022
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    Cadets give back to community through Cadets for Cause organization , article

    In addition to giving back to the community and promoting the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets' value of service, the organization provides an opportunity for cadets to grow and develop their leadership skills.

    Date: Sep 21, 2022
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    Virginia Tech wrestler’s mission extends beyond the mat , article

    Virginia Tech wrestler Mekhi Lewis believes in the mission of the Center for Great Expectations, which helps those who long-term treatment for substance abuse or mental health disorders in his home county in New Jersey. Earlier this summer, he contributed a portion of his proceeds from an apparel contract to help the center with its efforts.

    Date: Sep 06, 2022
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    Tyrod Taylor finds a passion fighting food insecurity , article

    Taylor, a Virginia Tech alumnus and former Hokie quarterback, is excited about being with the New York Giants, where he plans on competing for a starting job while also using his platform as an NFL player in the nation's biggest city to bring attention to food insecurity.

    Date: Jul 26, 2022
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    100 years of women at Virginia Tech , article

    Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute, an all-male institution commonly called VPI, enrolled the first full-time female students a century ago. This set the stage for future throngs of women who would not only receive a Virginia Tech education, but shape the university and the world through their skills, talents, and sheer might.

    Date: Mar 30, 2022
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    Knockin’ at history’s door , article

    Virginia Tech Professors Harry Dorn and Jay Stipes discuss the rich history Virginia Tech from more than a century ago and its rich tradition in families.

    Date: Dec 07, 2021
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    The miraculous, imperfect mechanics of pregnancy , article

    Raffaella De Vita's STRETCH Lab studies pregnancy's constant remodeling of reproductive organs and structures — and how those biomechanical changes may contribute to injuries and disorders that affect millions of women.

    Date: Nov 24, 2021
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    Under a watchful eye , article

    Their hunched bodies and contorted faces are the stuff of legend. Chiseled in stone and calling to mind the rooftops of Paris or the Halloween season, the gargoyles capture Hokie imaginations.

    Date: Oct 26, 2021
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    Researchers are pulling movements out of microfilm with digital history , article

    Firsthand accounts and images of Black soldiers hold hidden chapters of U.S. history. Historians and computer scientists are harnessing technologies like virtual reality and AI to equip the public to immerse themselves in those perspectives, learn from them, and broaden historical dialogue.

    Date: Jul 19, 2021
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    Virginia Tech research unleashing robotic technology on campus construction sites , article

    Faculty and students from Myers-Lawson School of Construction are partnering with the Division of Campus Planning, Infrastructure, and Facilities and Procon Consulting to deploy Spot, a mobile robot dog, to conduct innovative research around autonomous construction progress monitoring.

    Date: May 20, 2021
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    The New Cryptographers , article

    The Zodiac Killer's second cipher went unsolved for 51 years. Two programmers and an applied mathematician turned to computing tools born after the coded 1969 message to finally crack it.

    Date: Apr 21, 2021