First-year cadets Gabriel Bolin, Monty Swafford, and Robert Waugh will receive the flags at Saturday’s Homecoming football game against Miami.  

The Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets and the Virginia Tech football team continue their proud partnership to highlight the colors during the pre-game ceremony at every football game.  

Three football players, chosen because of their performance in the last game or at practice, carry the American flag, the state flag, and the team’s spirit flag and lead the team onto the field. They deliver the flags to cadets at the south end of the field.   

The cadets, also selected based on their performance in the corps, render honor to the flags and carry them off the field. At home games three first-year cadets are selected, and one or two upper-class cadets travel with the team and receive the flags at away games.   

Bolin is majoring in national security and foreign affairs in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences and is a member of Navy ROTC. He was selected for demonstrating exemplary character and motivation this semester. A leader to his peers, he sets the bar high by remaining steadfast in his academics and has dedicated himself to learning new skills.  

Swafford is in Navy ROTC and majoring in aerospace engineering in the College of Engineering. He is an asset to his company and exhibits esprit de corps, determination, and strong moral character. Despite his demanding academic schedule, he maintains a focus on personal growth. 

Waugh is majoring in general engineering in the College of Engineering. A member of Air Force ROTC, he is a positive contributor to his training company and leads his peers by example. He consistently exceeds standards set before him and takes the initiative to complete tasks on behalf of his fellow first-year cadets.  

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