Dax Hollifield is No. 4 on the field, but he has made his way to No. 1 in Hokie Nation’s heart during his career with Virginia Tech Football.

“They’re a passionate fanbase, I’m a passionate guy on the field, so it really resonates in that way,” Hollifield, a senior linebacker, said. “They're truly a 12th man, and it’s awesome to play in front of them each weekend.”

Hollifield has earned his spot as one of the faces of football. At every home game, he hypes up the crowd by running around Lane Stadium, waving at fans and throwing cups of water in the air.

Surprisingly, his big personality on the field doesn’t equate to his life off the field.

Linebacker Dax Hollifield adjusts his helmet.
Dax Hollifield. Photo by Dave Knachel for Virginia Tech.

“I’m not like I am on the field. When I get out there, I love the game and something triggers,” he said. “I’m honestly a boring dude. My favorite memories are in the little things. They’re not some crazy story. It’s living the everyday.”

“Living the everyday” for Hollifield consists of reading — his current book recommendation is “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience” —  as well as listening to TED Talks and hanging out with his teammates. Hollifield prioritizes learning and expanding his knowledge of topics other than football.

“I don’t know if people know it, but I take pride in my grades and pride in my school,” Hollifield said. “I really try to excel in the classroom on top of being on the football team.”

The human nutrition, foods, and exercise major is minoring in chemistry and has big dreams for his future.

“I’m going to try my shot in the NFL. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll see where it goes from there,” he said. “I want to travel one day and explore the untouched lands. Honestly, one day I’m probably just going to get a boat and sail everywhere and drop off the face of the earth and just do that and live like Jimmy Buffett.”

For now, he said he’s focused on playing well this season and making Hokie Nation proud.

“One of my goals this year is to go undefeated at home,” Hollifield said. “I want to make Blacksburg — Lane Stadium — one of the hardest places to play in the country, if not the hardest place to play in.”

As he reflects on what awaits after his senior year, Hollifield said he will miss the town of Blacksburg and the people he’s met here more than anything else.

“As I’ve stayed here and gotten older here, I’ve come to love this place for what it is and how special a place it is,” he said. “This is home for me.”

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Written by Savannah Webb, a senior and an intern for Virginia Tech Marketing and Communications

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