Whether a student is looking for a group of people to go scuba diving with, or maybe to save a few bucks using coupons, Virginia Tech’s wide array of clubs and organizations is likely to have something for everyone.

Scuba Club and Couponing Club are just two of the hundreds of clubs and organizations looking for new members. There are clubs for people interested in real estate, blacksmithing, four square, laser tag, video games, Rubik’s cubes, environmental protection, and the list goes on.

Getting involved in a club or organization on campus is one of the easiest ways for students to meet new people, discover new opportunities, and even develop skills for the future.

“We have clubs devoted to sports, academics, outdoor activities, design, politics, and Greek and multicultural organizations. We also have organizations that are related to international, national, regional, and local interests,” said Steve Burrell, assistant director of student organizations for Student Engagement and Campus Life. “With an average of around 60 new clubs per year, I truly believe that there is a club for all students to find interesting.”

One club, Multiple Arts Collective, created by recent graduates Michael Stapor and Delia Tomlinson, aims to bring a more eclectic music scene to Blacksburg.

“Multiple Art Collective's mission is to foster a diverse music and arts environment in and around Blacksburg's campus,” said Tomlinson, who graduated with a degree in history, plans to return to Virginia Tech for graduate school, and is currently residing in Blacksburg. “We host events, primarily live shows. The organization really just provides a place for people with similar interests to network and make important connections.”

“It's been a great time and I've made a lot of friendships and gained a lot of experience booking shows,” said Stapor of Woodbridge, Virginia, who earned his bachelor’s degree in geography and is returning to Virginia Tech for graduate school to study urban and regional planning. “It was a turning point in a lot of ways.”

Students can find the list of clubs available for them to join by visiting the organization directory on GobblerConnect. The directory can be searched by name and keyword and allows students to view the profiles of the clubs and organizations they are interested in.

“GobblerConnect recommends clubs and organizations to students based on how the interests they entered into the system match those of the club or organization,” said Burrell.

Almost as easy as finding an organization you are interested in is creating one yourself.

“At Virginia Tech, it is a very simple process,” said Burrell. “It takes at least three students, registered at a part-time student status with the university, filling out the online organization registration process. The three students have to serve as officers.  We require a president, treasurer, and any third officer.”

There is certainly no shortage of opportunities awaiting every student when it comes to Virginia Tech’s expansive list of clubs and organizations.

“Multiple Arts Collective has by far been the most positive experience I've had at Virginia Tech,” Tomlinson said. “We've had ups and downs, struggling to find places to have shows and spreading the word about them. Still, it's been a creative outlet for me and others. I've met and befriended so many people because of this club.”

Finding the right club or organization is easy using GobblerConnect. Set up your student profile and start searching for the perfect club on GobblerConnect’s website.

Written by Gus Wagner of Stafford, Virginia, a senior majoring in public relations in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences.
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