On Dec. 1, President Timothy Sands and Provost Mark McNamee led a meeting of the President’s Inclusion and Diversity Executive Council.

In late November, all deans, vice presidents, and other senior managers submitted initiatives designed to advance inclusion and diversity within their scope of responsibility and across the university.

Initiatives include mentoring programs, pipeline and student access efforts, programs designed to build awareness of unconscious bias in faculty and student recruitment, and structural improvements including unisex bathrooms and improved classroom learning environments.

Several of the initiatives will be launched immediately.

“I am very pleased that we had 100 percent participation of all senior managers in this exciting new approach to inclusion and diversity,” said McNamee. “It demonstrates a renewed energy and focused attention to this important work.”

Edits and revisions to initiatives are to be submitted to the council by December 10. A full report of all the initiatives, including those that are being implemented in the short term, will be available to the entire university community in the next few weeks.

“The identification of these initiatives is a point of departure,” said Sands. “We want full transparency and broad involvement in reviewing and implementing these programs across the university. The executive council will continue to meet regularly throughout the spring semester to monitor progress and engage individuals and groups in guiding our efforts.”

The executive council and inclusion coordinators will be reaching out and inviting individuals and groups to participate as part of an Advisory Community Web. The council is also compiling a summary of ongoing diversity and inclusion efforts that have been a key to progress thus far as a university.

Opportunities for discussion and input with students, staff, and faculty will be provided throughout the year.

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