The following is an open letter to Virginia Tech employees from Robert Sumichrast, dean of the Pamplin College of Business and honorary chair of the 2014 Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign.

Dear colleagues,

As members of the communities in which we live and work and the wider community to which we all belong, we have a shared duty to give back, to help those in need. The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC) offers an easy and convenient way to do that.

Last year, thanks to the generosity of about 21 percent of our employees, we raised $311,215. Imagine the difference we could make for children, adults, and animals across the state if all 7,400 of our full-time employees donated.

As of Monday, Oct. 27, 5 percent of our employees have donated $138,525 toward our $325,000 goal this year. We have a long way to go and only a few weeks to do it.

Please take a moment now to make your donation through the online CVC Pledge System. In just a few minutes, you can make a tax-deductible gift that can be paid through payroll deduction. There’s no paper form to fill out, check to write, or mail to be sent.

The difference we can make – the difference we do make – is extraordinary.

Please join me in supporting this year’s CVC. While the campaign will go on through December 12, please, consider making your gift today.

Robert T. Sumichrast
Honorary Chair, 2014 Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign
Dean, Pamplin College of Business

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