Beginning today, the Virginia Tech community will have one more tool to help make university offices a greener place to work.

The Office of Energy and Sustainability is launching the Green Office Certification Program, a web-based effort to help offices reduce waste and energy use.

Those in participating offices will be asked to fill out a web form, which will present six areas where office workers can reduce their environmental footprint:

  • Recycling: How does your office deal with waste?
  • Energy: How does your office minimize energy use?
  • Purchasing: Does your office purchase sustainable and items?
  • Reduction of Waste: How does your office prevent waste in the first place?
  • Transportation: Do your officemates get around in a green way?
  • Innovation: What do you do that others many not have thought of yet?

Each section provides a list of actions employees can take to make an impact. As offices adopt or report on each practice, they earn points. At the end of the certification, the office will receive a final score that corresponds to a rating: bronze, silver, gold, or platinum.

“There are many simple steps we can take around the office to reduce energy use, limit waste, increase recycling, and make our workplaces more sustainable,” said Emily Schosid, campus sustainability planner. “The Green Office Program will help offices track their efforts. Offices that participate will receive a framed certificate and their efforts will be recognized.”

This initiative is part of the university’s larger commitment to improving campus sustainability as outlined in the Virginia Tech Climate Action Commitment and Sustainability Plan.

For information visit the Office of Energy and Sustainability website or email Emily Schosid or call her at 540-231-7358.

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