Gina Rudd French of Roanoke, Va., has been appointed assistant MBA director at the Pamplin College of Business.

French has 11 years of marketing experience, focusing on branding, strategic execution, and product management. She was an award-winning pharmaceutical sales representative at Sanofi Aventis in Los Angeles, where she lived for 17 years, and in Roanoke, where she relocated in 2009. She was formerly a corporate trainer at May Company Department Stores in Los Angeles, where she trained 300 merchandise buyers and staff on information technology interfaces, and an account manager at Advance Business Systems, also in Los Angeles.

A Pamplin alumna, French earned a bachelor’s degree, with a double major in management and marketing, in 1988 and an MBA in 1992.

In her new position, she will focus on developing relationships with employers and assist MBA students with job placement.



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