Virginia Tech received a gold award for its Alternative Transportation programs, in the Best Workplaces for Commuters (BWC) Race to Excellence in December 2009.

Virginia Tech was one of three higher education institutions in the nation to receive the gold award. The Race to Excellence is designed to encourage sustainable transportation innovation and recognize organizations that have taken exemplary steps to offer transportation alternatives for their employees, thereby reducing air pollution, traffic congestion, and fuel consumption. There were 27 companies, institutions, and individuals nationwide that competed in the 2009 Race to Excellence.

In 2006, the last year the Race to Excellence was held, Virginia Tech received a silver award. The leap from silver to gold can be attributed to new programs, such as employee vanpooling, and discounted Smart Way Bus passes. Virginia Tech’s partnership with RIDE Solutions, growth in the carpooling program and Bike, Bus, & Walk program, as well as the increase in Blacksburg Transit ridership have all contributed to this recognition.

“It’s wonderful to see Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students taking advantage of the programs that we offer, and to have their commuting efforts recognized nationally,” said Debby Freed, alternative transportation manager at Virginia Tech.


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