The Virginia Tech Richmond Center and the Office of Distance Learning and Summer Sessions at Virginia Tech have partnered to offer the Certified Professional Secretary and Certified Administrative Professional (CPS®/CAP®) review course in an entirely online format.

Virginia Tech’s Online CPS/CAP Review Course is designed for professionals who want to earn their CPS and/or CAP certification but do not have time or travel means to access a preparatory course face to face. Historically, these courses have been offered through the Administrative Certification Group on the Blacksburg campus. “As well, we have successfully offered this program in a face-to-face format for several years at our center and are excited about reaching out to a new audience that transcends time and space” says Melissa Lubin, director of the Virginia Tech Richmond Center.

To date, two successful review course sections have been offered, with the third section beginning Sept. 28 and concluding April 9, 2010. The last day to register for section three is Oct. 2. The first two sections drew strong enrollments from across the nation, thereby extending the profile of Virginia Tech’s support of the flexibility of anytime – anywhere learning. Consideration will also be given to adding a fourth section in fall 2009 to accommodate the increasing interest in the course.

“We were thrilled to bring our online learning expertise to our partnership with Richmond Center to leverage the review course to a national and even international audience,” says Mark Halsey, director of operations and administration for the Office of Distance Learning and Summer Sessions at Virginia Tech. “The asynchronous format empowers every participant to learn in their best environment, whether it’s logging on from home or on a lunch break at work.”

The review course is presented in four distinct modules that model the requirements of the certification exam, offered twice-a-year in November and May. Taught by qualified instructors, each module is designed for interactivity and collaboration, with participants placed into learning-cohorts to promote support and communication. The four modules, which are set up in six-week sections, are as follows:

  • Module One: Office Systems and Technology;
  • Module Two: Office Administration;
  • Module Three: Management; and
  • Module Four: Advanced Organizational Management.

Certification benefits include the capability to assume greater responsibility, recognition, and respect from employers and peers, career advancement, potential pay and bonus increases, increase in confidence and self-esteem, greater assurance of employability, and possible college credit toward a degree.

Find more information about Virginia Tech’s Online CPS/CAP Review Course or register online, or call (866) 791-4898.

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