Luiz DaSilva joined Virginia Tech’s “Curious Conversations” to chat about the evolution of wireless networks, the importance of advancing the next generation of wireless, and the critical role the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI) is playing in that advancement.

About DaSilva

DaSilva is the Bradley Professor of Cybersecurity in the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the executive director of the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI). His research interests include wireless networks with a focus on networks of adaptive and cognitive radios and the application of game theory to network resource management.

Three takeaways

  • Each generation of wireless networks brings new capabilities and applications, driving the evolution of technology and the way we interact with each other.

  • Key metrics for evaluating network performance include speed, latency, and reliability.

  • Test beds play a crucial role in developing new wireless technologies, allowing researchers to experiment, break things, and demonstrate the feasibility of new ideas. CCI's test beds stands out for their indoor and outdoor components, use of open radio access networks, and partnerships with universities, operators, vendors, and small businesses.

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About the podcast

"Curious Conversations" is a series of free-flowing conversations with Virginia Tech researchers that take place at the intersection of world-class research and everyday life. Produced and hosted by Virginia Tech writer and editor Travis Williams, university researchers share their expertise and motivations as well as the practical applications of their work in a format that more closely resembles chats at a cookout than classroom lectures. New episodes are shared each Tuesday.

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