The Virginia Tech Police Department earned its ninth accreditation award from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies Inc. (CALEA), reinforcing its commitment to elevating public safety standards.

Operating in alignment with a multitude of professional standards, this achievement reflects the department's dedication to law enforcement excellence.

Chief of Police Mac Babb expressed gratitude for the collective effort. "This achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of every individual within our department. It's a team effort, and it doesn't happen without everyone doing their part."

Since its initial accreditation in 1995, the department has maintained an unbroken cycle of accreditation, demonstrating a continuous dedication to upholding the highest standards in law enforcement. Throughout each four-year accreditation cycle, the agency adheres to these standards, ensuring documentation remains current and embodying the essence of these benchmarks.

CALEA's programs aim to enhance the delivery of public safety services by maintaining a comprehensive body of standards developed by public safety practitioners. This includes contemporary public safety topics and responsibilities, establishing an accreditation process, and acknowledging professional excellence.

To retain its accredited status, the Virginia Tech Police Department submits an annual report to CALEA, showing its commitment to upholding stringent guidelines.

Virginia Tech stands among 90 accredited university police departments nationwide. The department also has received CALEA's Advanced Meritorious Award for 15 years of continuous accreditation.

Responsible for safeguarding a community of over 50,000 individuals day and night, the Virginia Tech Police Department works in close collaboration with administrators, students, and employees, fostering a secure environment. The department's dedicated team includes 52 full-time sworn police officers, eight security guards, seven security center representatives, administrative staff, and Safe Ride drivers.

This accomplishment highlights the department's strong partnerships with local law enforcement in Montgomery County and the broader region as well as its collaboration with the Virginia State Police, aligning with CALEA's mission to enhance public safety.

The Virginia Tech Police Department's consistent pursuit of excellence in law enforcement prioritizes the well-being of the entire Virginia Tech community.

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