Joy Rosenthal, a longtime Virginia Tech photography instructor, passed away suddenly on Nov. 7.

Rosenthal started teaching photography for the School of Visual Arts over 20 years ago and was an integral part of non-majors class offerings for the past several years. Despite only teaching online asynchronous classes in recent years, Rosenthal often showed up to attend face-to-face openings and events. 

Rosenthal, who began taking photos in 1986 when her father gave her a camera for her high school graduation, said about her photography, “I believe in exploring and creating new means of expression.” Her art can be found on her personal website.

“She was the kindest, sweetest, warmest, most loving, most creative, and most giving person,” said Djordje Minic, Rosenthal’s husband and a physics professor at the university. They have two children, Esther and David.

A wreath in memory of Rosenthal was placed at War Memorial Chapel on Nov. 13. For more information, visit McCoy Funeral Home.

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