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Israel-Hamas War

Virginia Tech has a number of experts available to speak on a variety of topics surrounding the war. More here.

November 7th elections

Virginia Tech has a number of experts available to speak on topics surrounding the election including Virginia legislative races, issues such as abortion and education rights, campaign finance, and more. A full list of experts can be found here.

Trick or Treat: Halloween story ideas

  • How long is Halloween candy safe to eat?

Every year, millions of kids go to houses for ubiquitous trick-or-treating. To ensure what’s put into each trick-or-treater’s bag is a safe treat when eaten, Alexis Hamilton, an assistant professor of food processing microbiology in the College of Agriculture and Life SciencesDepartment of Food Science and Technology, has some tips and tricks. More here.

  • Nostalgia fuels hype for adult Barbie costumes, fashion design expert says

The widely successful summer film’s stars, Barbie and Ken, have found their way onto the top Halloween costume lists for this year. In fact, social media has even dubbed the holiday #Barbieween. Pop culture has long inspired fashion, including Halloween costumes. Dina Smith-Glaviana, a Virginia Tech assistant professor of fashion merchandising and design, can discuss how costume trends follow popular television shows and movies and some reasons why many adults want to dress like Barbie. More here.

  • Economics of Halloween

This year’s Halloween season has something to tell us about the state of our economy, says economics expert Jadrian Wooten. “This year, the National Retail Federation has revealed record-breaking Halloween spending. They estimate that Americans will spend an astounding $12.2 billion this Halloween, surpassing last year's record of $10.6 billion,” he says. “While surveys about the state of the economy might paint a gloomy picture, the actual behavior of people tells a different story.”

Daylight saving - expert offers tips to avoid driver fatigue on the roads

As clocks “fall back” and daylight saving time ends, many Americans will be driving longer at night which could translate to more driver fatigue and hazards on the road, says Virginia Tech Transportation Institute expert Matt Camden. Camden says that any time change can exacerbate drowsiness and your body may need a few days to adjust accordingly. Read more about his advice for drivers to avoid fatigue here.

Global climate change could impact the flavor and cost of American beer

A warmer and drier climate is expected to lower the yield of hops — the aromatic flowers of the Humulus lupulus plant that give beer its signature bitter flavor — in Europe up to 18 percent by 2050. A recent study published in the journal Nature Communications found the changing global climate may be affecting the flavor and cost of beer. Herbert Bruce, assistant professor of practice for undergraduate education in Virginia Tech’s Department of Food Science and Technology and co-creator of the university’s official Fightin’ Hokies beers, is available to explain why. More here.

Stink bugs: The good, the bad, and how to get rid of them

With summerlike temperatures on their way out and cooler temperatures moving in, homeowners may start to see more uninvited guests inside, particularly the brown marmorated stink bug. Virginia Tech entomologist Thomas Kuhar says not only are these bugs a nuisance, they also pose an economic threat to farmers. But, there are some positives to having them around as well. More here.


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