Dear Virginia Tech community,

As we begin the 2023-24 academic year, amid the rush of new beginnings, I write to share important information about the support and resources available to those impacted by sexual harassment and violence. 

While so many exciting things await us this year, we know that there will be challenges too. The start of the fall semester represents a uniquely high-risk time for incidents of sexual violence on college campuses. Some of our community members may be carrying the deep impact of past experiences with them as they return. Whether you need help now or in the future, please know this: You are not alone. Confidential support and counseling, assistance with academics and work, formal avenues for reporting to the university, and more are available for you. Information about these options can be found at SAFE at VT.

Each of us can contribute to ending sexual harassment and violence in our community. We can start by understanding consent, building healthy relationships, and intervening when we see harassment or signs of an unsafe situation. We can work together to improve our culture by continuing to have honest conversations about how we are doing and how we can do better. We can support those who experience violence by sharing information about resources and respecting their deeply personal choices about how and when to seek help.  

As Virginia Tech’s Title IX coordinator, I am dedicated to addressing discrimination based on sex – including sexual harassment and violence – with seriousness, compassion, and respect. If you need help or resources, have questions, or would like to report, I am here. I encourage you to contact me.

Take good care,

Katie Polidoro
Title IX Coordinator
Office for Equity and Accessibility

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