The Virginia Tech Board of Visitors approved the following promotions, tenure, and continued appointments at its June 6 meeting.

Promotion to associate professor with tenure

  • Andrew Acito, accounting and information systems
  • Kaveh Akbari Hamed, mechanical engineering
  • Stefan Al, School of Architecture
  • William Alexander, aerospace and ocean engineering
  • Albert Auguste, entomology
  • Frank Aylward, biological sciences
  • Michael Bartlett, mechanical engineering
  • Fernando Biase, School of Animal Sciences
  • Susan Campbell, School of Animal Sciences
  • Danille Christensen, religion and culture
  • Thomas "Adam" Coates, forest resources and environmental conservation
  • Cara Daggett, political science
  • Amanda Demmer, history
  • Meredith Drum, School of Visual Arts
  • Zachary Duer, School of Visual Arts
  • Nisha Duggal, biomedical sciences and pathobiology
  • Satoru Emori, physics
  • Patrick Finley, School of Visual Arts
  • Hosein Foroutan, civil and environmental engineering
  • Yao Fu, aerospace and ocean engineering
  • Edward Gitre, history
  • Aaron Gross, entomology
  • Jonas Hauptman, School of Design
  • Valisa Hedrick, human nutrition, foods, and exercise
  • Gil Hersch, philosophy
  • Leonie Jacobs, School of Animal Sciences
  • Brandon Jutras, biochemistry
  • Anuj Karpatne, computer science
  • Benjamin Katz, human development and family science
  • Pankaj Kumar, management
  • Jacob Lahne, food science and technology
  • Kate Langwig, biological sciences
  • Justin Lemkul, biochemistry
  • Ling Li, mechanical engineering
  • David McCall, School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
  • Natalia Mielczarek, School of Communication
  • Homero Murzi Escobar, engineering education
  • Lina Ni, School of Neuroscience
  • Alicia Pickrell, School of Neuroscience
  • Austin "Ford" Ramsey, agricultural and applied economics
  • Patrick Ridge, modern and classical languages and literatures
  • Jayesh Samtani, School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
  • Donna Sedgwick, sociology
  • Sherif Sherif, School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
  • Eonyou Shin, apparel, housing, and resource management
  • Alexander "Alec" Smith, economics
  • Meredith Steele, School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
  • Michelle Stocker, geosciences
  • Rong Tong, chemical engineering
  • Alexandrina Untaroiu, mechanical engineering
  • Josef Uyeda, biological sciences
  • Marshall Vance, accounting and information systems
  • Sujith Vijayan, School of Neuroscience
  • Clement Vinauger, biochemistry
  • Andrew Wadoski, English
  • Ryan Williams, electrical and computer engineering
  • Wei Zhou, electrical and computer engineering

Tenure at the currently held rank of associate professor

  • Sherif Abdelaziz, civil and environmental engineering
  • Debswapna Bhattacharya, computer science
  • David Bieri, School of Public and International Affairs
  • Jin-Hee Cho, computer science
  • Zachary Doerzaph, biomedical engineering and mechanics, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
  • Shawna Klahn, small animal clinical sciences
  • Miguel Perez, biomedical engineering and mechanics, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
  • Khadijah Queen, English

Tenure at the currently held rank of professor

  • Alan Michaels, electrical and computer engineering, Virginia Tech National Security Institute

Promotion to professor

  • Irving "Coy" Allen, biomedical sciences and pathobiology
  • Amy Azano, School of Education
  • Eric Bahel, economics
  • Jacob Barney, School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
  • Chalak Berzingi, internal medicine
  • Mark Caddick, geosciences
  • Brooks Casas, psychology
  • Pearl Chiu, psychology
  • Robert Davidson, accounting and information systems
  • Alexander Dickow, modern and classical languages and literatures
  • Megan Dolbin-MacNab, human development and family science
  • Pang Du, statistics
  • Tasaduq Fazili, internal medicine
  • Marco Ferreira, statistics
  • Joseph Gabbard, industrial and systems engineering
  • Ralph Hall, School of Public and International Affairs
  • Ayman Karim, chemical engineering
  • Inyoung Kim, statistics
  • David Knight, engineering education
  • Kevin Kochersberger, mechanical engineering
  • Qiang Li, electrical and computer engineering
  • Xin Luo, biomedical sciences and pathobiology
  • Marcus "Cayce" Myers, School of Communication
  • Amrinder Nain, mechanical engineering
  • Kim Niewolny, agricultural, leadership, and community education
  • Christopher "Aaron" Noble, mining and minerals engineering
  • Corinne Noirot, modern and classical languages and literatures
  • Michael Philen, aerospace and ocean engineering
  • Brian Romans, geosciences
  • Mamta Sapra, psychiatry and behavioral medicine
  • Emily Satterwhite, religion and culture
  • Durelle Scott, biological systems engineering
  • Gary Seidel, aerospace and ocean engineering
  • Michelle Theus, biomedical sciences and pathobiology
  • Linda Wallace, accounting and information systems
  • Megan Wawro, mathematics
  • Zheng "Phil" Xiang, hospitality and tourism management

Promotion to associate professor

  • Emily Faulks, surgery
  • Jason Foerst, internal medicine
  • Badri Giri, internal medicine
  • Ali Hama Amin, internal medicine
  • Isaiah Johnson, obstetrics and gynecology
  • Eric Marvin, surgery
  • John McNamara, basic science education
  • Jaclyn Nunziato, obstetrics and gynecology
  • Jaclyn Nunziato, health systems and implementation sciences (co-appointment)
  • Virginia O'Brien, psychiatry and behavioral medicine
  • Elizabeth Polk, family and community medicine
  • Justin Price, internal medicine
  • Christi Stewart, internal medicine
  • Jonathan Stewart, family and community medicine
  • Allison Tegge, basic science education
  • Shikha Vasudeva, internal medicine

Promotion to advanced instructor

  • Bilel Aidi, biomedical engineering and mechanics
  • Claire Boor, School of Communication
  • Myungsuk Chung, mathematics
  • Colleen Correll, English
  • Megan Emori, biological sciences
  • Laura Fehr, English
  • Christopher Galitz, biomedical engineering and mechanics
  • Aaron Geller, chemistry
  • Steven Hammer, mathematics
  • Andrew "Andy" Hobin, English
  • Victoria Lael, human development and family science
  • Amanda Marzolf, English
  • Steven Silber, mathematics
  • Susan Stinson, School of Communication
  • Jessica Thompson, mathematics
  • Zhou Yang, economics

Promotion to senior instructor

  • Renee Eaton, human nutrition, foods and exercise
  • Alexa Gardner, human development and family science
  • Gebremeskel Gebremariam, economics
  • Jared Gibbs, English
  • Nicholas Robbins, mathematics
  • Jason Thweatt, electrical and computer engineering

Promotion to assistant professor of practice

  • Kyle Hutchins, School of Performing Arts

Promotion to associate professor of practice

  • Nancy Bradley, School of Education
  • Madison "Matt" Earnest, industrial and systems engineering
  • Donna Fortune, School of Education
  • Ashley Johnson, Myers-Lawson School of Construction
  • Jean Lacoste, accounting and information systems
  • Ron Poff, management
  • Cassidy Rist, population health sciences
  • Claire White, civil and environmental engineering

Promotion to professor of practice

  • Bryan Katz, civil and environmental engineering
  • Valerie Ragan, population health sciences
  • Jennifer Van Mullekom, statistics

Promotion to collegiate assistant professor

  • David Delgado Lopez, modern and classical languages and literatures
  • Hannah Shinault, School of Communication

Promotion to collegiate associate professor

  • Rachel Arnold, mathematics
  • Stephanie Davis, School of Public and International Affairs
  • John "J.P." Gannon, forest resources and environmental conservation
  • Pavel Kraikivski, Academy of Integrated Science
  • Stephanie "Nikki" Lewis, Honors College
  • Joseph Simpson, management
  • Chixia Tian, Academy of Integrated Science

Promotion to clinical associate professor

  • Mark Freeman, small animal clinical sciences
  • Hollie Schramm, large animal clinical sciences
  • Heng Leet "Ben" Tham, small animal clinical sciences

Promotion to clinical professor

  • Kevin Lahmers, biological sciences and pathobiology

Continued appointment with promotion to associate professor

  • Lisa Becksford, University Libraries
  • Anne Brown, University Libraries
  • Amanda MacDonald, University Libraries
  • Jeffrey "Todd" Ogle, University Libraries

Promotion to research assistant professor

  • Boran Fan, electrical and computer engineering
  • Joao Santos, Commonweath Cyber Initiative
  • Zhonghua Xu, electrical and computer engineering

Promotion to research associate professor

  • Jacek Kibilda, Commonweath Cyber Initiative
  • Allison Tegge, statistics

Promotion to research professor

  • Laura Freeman, Virginia Tech National Security Institute

Promotion to senior Extension agent

  • Paige Thacker, Prince William County Cooperative Extension
  • Bonnie Tillotson, Appomattox County Cooperative Extension

Promotion to Extension agent

  • Carter Humphries, Henrico County Cooperative Extension
  • Kelsey Kennedy Kline, City of Newport News Cooperative Extension
  • Robert Longest, Essex County Cooperative Extension
  • Maribeth Martin, Bedford County Cooperative Extension
  • Erin Morgan, Northampton County Cooperative Extension
  • Jacob "Jake" Morgan, Prince Edward County Cooperative Extension
  • Rebecca Roberts, Pittsylvania County Cooperative Extension
  • Sara Rutherford, Greensville County/City of Emporia Cooperative Extension

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