Four employees received this year’s Administrative and Professional (A/P) Faculty Award, which recognizes A/P faculty for their extraordinary contributions, accomplishments, and consistent performance for Virginia Tech.

The recognition program highlights the integral roles that A/P faculty, which number approximately 2,700 Virginia Tech employees, hold as they lead and manage a variety of positions.

“Our administrative and professional faculty work tirelessly to ensure that the university runs smoothly and efficiently,” said Bryan Garey, vice president for human resources. “Their hard work and expertise are essential to our success, and we are grateful for their service and contribution to the university.”

The individual award winners: 

photo of Zack Adams
Zachary Adams

Zachary Adams, assistant director of occupational safety and health programs, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), has worked for Virginia Tech since 1990.

Bernadette Mondy, interim assistant vice president, Department of Environmental Health and Safety, wrote in a letter of nomination, “Zack’s vision has been indispensable and helped EHS establish a strategic mission that is still followed today. He was instrumental in steering EHS’ growth from seven professional positions to our current level of over 25. Zack’s knowledge and expertise are unparalleled. His willingness to undertake projects and his ability to see them to fruition is a key factor in the success of EHS. His wisdom, vision, and actions over these 30 years have made EHS what it is today.”

photo of Clifton Kirk Felton
Clifton Kirk Felton

Clifton Kirk Felton, director of operations, Fralin Life Sciences Institute, has worked for Virginia Tech since 2013.

Robin Mc Carley, executive director of the institute, wrote in a letter of nomination, “Kirk has taken his role to an unprecedented orbit with the result being an institute the Virginia Tech community aspires to and directly benefits from daily. This success comes from his steadfast commitment to Virginia Tech and his often-stated mantra of ‘being the best we can be, by doing the best we can do.’ Following this North Star philosophy was key to the fruitful merger of two large institutes, which involved Kirk's creative tack to solving complex financial and human resource challenges involving over $10 million in funding and more than 60 Virginia Tech faculty and staff.”

photo of Shelly Seckers
Shelley Seckers

Shelley Seckers, assistant director, Financial Management, has worked for Virginia Tech since 2018.

Brianna Saville-Reynolds, training specialist, Financial Management and Accessibility, wrote in a letter of nomination, “Throughout Shelley’s time at Virginia Tech, she has shown consistent excellence in her daily job responsibilities, created and grown a multilevel certificate program for fiscal employees, and collaborated with numerous departments and units across the university to assist each in reaching their own training development goals. Her unique ability to connect with others has had a positive impact on the university by creating conversations about training needs and the support that can be provided to new and existing employees.”

Jon Clark Teglas
Jon Clark Teglas. Photo by Meghan Marsh for Virginia Tech

Jonathan Clark Teglas, chief of staff to the vice president, Division of Campus Planning, Infrastructure, and Facilities has worked for Virginia Tech since 2013.

Alexa Briehl, former director of communications and marketing, Pamplin College of Business, wrote in a letter of nomination: “Jon Clark’s impact can be felt across every corner of the Blacksburg campus and beyond. He leads the human resources, finance, communications, contracting, policy and governance, and analytics and accountability functions within the division. As the division’s emergency management officer, he is always among the first to the scene in coordinating the division’s response to facilities and emergency situations as well as maintenance initiatives. Working alongside colleagues from Student Affairs, Emergency Management, and Environmental Health and Safety, he puts students, employees, neighbors, and visitors at the forefront, prioritizing ongoing communication to all stakeholders.”

Twenty-five employees with a collective 293 years of service were nominated for the award.

Individual award nominees: 

  • Zeke Barlow, senior director of communications and marketing colleges, Communications and Marketing
  • Bryan Ducote, director of operations, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics
  • Ryan Flanary, technical recruiter, Human Resources
  • Molly Hall, associate director, institutional effectiveness in Analytics and Institutional Effectiveness
  • Bryan Hanson, graduate student ombudsperson, Graduate School
  • Tiffany Hess, program manager for the Cultural and Community Centers’ Intercultural Engagement Center
  • Deena Hines, coordinator for well-being, Residential Well-being
  • Joseph Hoeflein, director, facilities and research operations for Fralin Life Sciences Institute Operations
  • Carol Hurley, associate director of faculty staff technology resources, user engagement in Information Technology
  • John Jackson, director of web communications, Communications and Marketing
  • Lonnie Johnson Jr., associate director, field operations and administration, Virginia Cooperative Extension administration
  • Sadnima “Tiasha” Khan, program manager, Virginia Tech National Security Institute
  • Tamara Knott, academic programs manager, Department of Engineering Education
  • Mary Beth Lombardo, proposal manager, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
  • Joy Manning, director of renovations, Division of Campus Planning, Infrastructure, and Facilities Renovations
  • Christina McIntyre, director of professional development, national and international scholarships in the Honors College
  • Jordan Metzgar, herbarium curator, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Brittany Shelton, senior human resources manager, Fralin Biomedical Research Institute
  • Patricia Simpson, senior project manager and process improvement specialist, Human Resources
  • Stephanie Trout, director, Animal Care and Use Program and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee administrator, Scholarly Integrity and Research Compliance in Research and Innovation
  • Chien-Chi Tseng, collegiate associate professor, Department of Management
  • Tremayne Waller, director, Graduate Student Programs, College of Engineering

For more information about the Administrative and Professional Faculty Award nominees, visit this page.

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