University Libraries Studios with the help of the Virginia Tech Science Fiction and Fantasy Club will host a Game Night on Thursday, March 23, from 5-8 p.m. in Newman Library’s Multipurpose Room. The night of fun, collaboration, and community is open to all.

Attendees can play board games and role playing games and dabble in virtual reality gaming, all while meeting other gaming enthusiasts and learning about gaming resources available in the library on the Blacksburg campus.

“The goal is to bring folks who love games together as a community,” said Sara Sweeney Bear, University Libraries’ project design studio manager and learning space assessment coordinator. “Connectedness and finding a sense of belonging are so important to well-being, and the gaming community provides that for a lot of people. We also want to make sure folks know about all of the gaming resources available in the library, and this is a great way to showcase that.”

“Events like these are a break from the tedium and exhaustion of both classes and work life,” said University Libraries student employee and Game Night organizer Julian Borda. “People need a breather, and I think Game Night is perfect for relaxing. Especially as we pass midterms and move toward the back half of the semester, students become saddled with heavier workloads. So it’s important that they take breaks and enjoy themselves at recreational events like these.”

University Libraries Tech Lending Desk lends board games, role-playing games (RPG), video gaming systems and games, and virtual reality equipment. From leading one of the seven greatest cities of the ancient world in the game 7 Wonders to zooming in race cars to beat the clock in Mario Kart 8 on a Switch 2 console, patrons can check it out at Newman Library.

“I do hope for more people to discover the studios at the library and what we have to offer,” said University Libraries student employee and Game Night organizer Jenna Kim. “It’d be great for others to also have the chance to decompress in a way from the stress of classwork and exams.”

Organizers hope community members beyond campus join in as well.

“Libraries are, by nature, centers for community,” said Bear. “Also, I am a big believer in the role of play in learning soft skills like collaboration, communication, and creativity.”


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