PRISM, the faculty-led, student-run next-generation marketing firm within Pamplin College of Business, recently earned international recognition for excellence in videography at the 43rd Annual Telly Awards.

Founded in 1979, the Telly Awards honor outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs; video and film productions; and online commercials, video, and films.

PRISM’s 43rd Annual Telly Awards include:

  • Silver, People’s Telly General-Promotional Video: PRISM’s marketing vision and origins reel.
  • Bronze, Telly for Branded Content-General Category: The Front Porch on Main commercial. (The Front Porch Restaurant is owned by Pamplin alumni Jeff Mitchell).

And these aren’t PRISM’s only victories. During the 42nd annual awards, PRISM took home bronze for its recruitment video — edging out nearly 13,000 submissions in the Branded Content-General Category.

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Cultivating the next generation of marketers

PRISM was formed in 2010 with a singular goal: to establish a social presence for Pamplin College. What started as an idea on a piece of paper developed into a comprehensive marketing firm that serves a diverse range of university and external clients. PRISM’s client portfolio — many of which are longstanding — has included Virginia Tech colleges and departments, restaurants, a shopping center, retailers, and more.

Marketing and social media strategy, copywriting, analytics, photography and videography, and graphic design are among the wide range of services the firm offers.

“PRISM has been an incubator for the next generation of marketing talent since its founding in 2010. Equipped with a zest for marketing, outstanding work ethics, and industry best practices gained in the classroom and through experiential learning, our students and graduates continue to make waves. The opportunity to celebrate PRISM’s talents on a global stage like the Tellys is incredibly exciting,” said Donna Wertalik, marketing professor of practice and PRISM founder and faculty advisor.

From the student perspective, participation in PRISM is transformative both personally and professionally.

“Gaining real-world experience as an undergraduate student through organizations like PRISM offers a preview of what a future job may look like post-graduation. Having this foundation can help build applicable skillsets, teach you how to collaborate with team members, and really create a smoother transition into the workforce,” said Justin Rocha, who led production of The Front Porch video. Rocha is a Class of 2022 public relations graduate.

“Exposure to real-world clients and projects enabled me to develop a unique set of skills that I would not have had the opportunity to unlock elsewhere. Working alongside my peers in a professional setting helped me to better understand where I fit into and thrive within a cross-functional team environment. I also gained confidence in my leadership abilities and became more decisive. Through exposure to so many different facets of marketing, I entered into the professional world with a better sense of what direction I want to head into from the get-go,” said Skyler Taube, PRISM multimedia director and a Class of 2022 multimedia journalism graduate.

Learn more about PRISM here. To apply to join PRISM as a student member, visiting the recruiting page.

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