Students, faculty, and staff who have arrived or will be returning from a CDC Warning Level 2 or 3 travel notice area or other areas of risk identified by the university, whether studying abroad, teaching, conducting research, or on spring break, should complete the following Virginia Tech Emergency Management form to share self-isolation plans with the university. Alternatively, university community members can share these details over the phone at 540-231-4600.

Level 3 travel notice areas currently include China, South Korea, Iran, and Italy. Japan is listed as a Level 2 travel notice area.

Travelers returning from Level 2 or 3 travel notice areas must not return to a Virginia Tech campus or facility until they can demonstrate that they show no symptoms associated with COVID-19 — cough, fever, shortness of breath — for a period of 14 days from the date of entering/reentering the United States.

Self-isolation guidelines from the CDC include:

  • Restriction of activities outside of your home except for visits to a medical professional for evaluation.
  • Limited contact with other members of the residence, including pets.
  • Frequent hand washing.
  • Consistent cleaning of all high-touch surfaces, such as tables, countertops, doorknobs, keyboards, tablets, bathroom fixtures, television remotes, phones, and other areas.
  • Restricted sharing of such household items as drinking glasses, plates, utensils, bedding, towels, and clothing.
  • Regularly washing dishes, clothing, and bedding.
  • While in self-isolation, CDC guidelines should be followed to monitor an individual’s health and to protect the community from further impact.

Please keep your dated arrival receipt of travel as this may be asked for to return to a Virginia Tech campus location.

Decisions to discontinue a self-isolation after the time period has passed should be made in consultation with a health care professional.

Travelers with additional questions or concerns related to self-isolating or COVID-19 should contact Schiffert Health Center at or 540-231-6444.

For ongoing updates, please visit the COVID-19 page.

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