The fourth annual Favorite Faculty Awards, sponsored by the Office of Residence Life, saw 144 outstanding Virginia Tech faculty members nominated for awards by more than 200 students. Over 250 submissions were entered, marking a major increase over last year, which saw a total of 80 submissions.

"Our faculty members invest countless hours into helping students with their research, learning, and development, but a lot of them don't realize how strong this impact can be," said James Penven, associate director of Residence Life. "Favorite Faculty is just one small way for them to know that this investment is recognized and valued."

The Favorite Faculty Awards, held each year to recognize Virginia Tech faculty members for their outstanding contributions, dedication to students, and personal influence, are designed as an opportunity to engage faculty members and students in interactions outside of the classroom. Both teaching/research and administrative/professional faculty members are eligible for Favorite Faculty nominations. The nomination process begins in January of each year, and the nominated faculty members are invited to attend a special reception with the students who nominated them. This year, the reception will be held on April 7 in Owens Banquet Room.

"We see this program as a two-part process, beginning with students submitting their nominations, which we then include in a letter to the faculty," said Penven. "The second part, the reception, is a time for the students and faculty to come together and celebrate their positive experiences."

The nominations are also a great way for faculty members to receive feedback about the positive impact they're having on their students, and be recognized for that impact.

"The favorite faculty program is great because it gives students a relaxed environment to casually mingle with their nominee and say thank you in a truly unique way," said Rachel Miller of Goodview, Va., a senior majoring in human nutrition, foods, and exercise in the College of Science. "It's nice to have an organized event that is meaningful to both faculty members and students."

For more information on the Favorite Faculty awards, contact James Penven at (540) 231-6205.

Written by Chris Gustin.

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