As the mock interview program offered by Virginia Tech’s Career Services increases in popularity, finding available interview slots has become increasingly harder for those wishing to use the service. After careful evaluation and review of various on-line interview programs, Career Services, one of the 15 departments in the Division of Student Affairs, has launched Interview Stream.

Interview Stream is a Web-based mock interview program to assist individuals in preparation for upcoming internship, job, or graduate school interviews. It is a simple, fun, and effective way to refine and master the skill of interviewing, and it is available to anyone with a Virginia Tech PID and password.

One of the key advantages and reasons Career Services is offering Interview Stream is that anyone can use it virtually anywhere, at any time. Using a webcam and the Internet, Interview Stream allows individuals to record themselves from home or the office while participating in a practice interview.

Following the mock interview, participants are provided with a link where they can self-assess or request a detailed review from a professional career advisor. Another unique aspect of Interview Stream is that it can count the number of times verbalized pauses such as "umm, like, and you know" are said. Career Services' goal is to assist students, faculty, staff, and alumni by providing timely, new, and easy to use technology that allows for educational growth.

Students who may be struggling with the interview process are encouraged to make an appointment with a Career Services counselor for guidance.

This article was written by Mary Ann Cole.

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