Virginia Tech President Charles Steger, with concurrence of the Academic Council, has decided to close the university this year and into the future in observance of the Martin Luther King holiday, which occurs this year on Monday, Jan. 21.

“We take this opportunity to continue to embrace the value of diversity within our community,” said Steger. “We have cancelled classes for the last several years in memory of our nation’s great civil rights leader. However, the day was not a full holiday for all, since the university administrative offices remained open. Closing offices enables everyone to participate in the MLK day observances and honors the memory of Dr. King. There are many events that day and we strongly encourage students, faculty, and staff to participate.”

Supervisors or program developers can and should use their own discretion about cancellation or continuance of non-MLK day events.

The complete schedule of Virginia Tech's Martin Luther King Jr. celebration may be found online.

Also this year, the university will cancel classes on Wednesday, April 16, for a day of remembrance and renewal. There will be considerable programming that day. Therefore, administrative offices will remain open. However, supervisors are encouraged to liberally grant leave to employees to attend events.

University Provost Mark McNamee is assembling a committee with broad representation to develop university level programs to reflect on the tragedy of April 16 and remember that fateful day when the university lost 32 students and faculty to a gunman.

“This will be an opportunity for us to come together again and with the power of community – The Hokie Spirit – continue the process of recovery and renewal. We also wish to commemorate the inspiring lives of those tragically taken from us and recognize the impact of all those injured in so many ways,” said McNamee

Note to employees: Instructions from the Human Resources office will follow later this week for appropriate staffing and proper time sheeting coding.

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