The Blacksburg Partnership Foundation presented plans to Blacksburg Town Council on Tuesday, Sept. 20, for a one-of-a-kind public art project called "Gobble de Art." The project is designed to increase interest in, and awareness of, the town of Blacksburg, while fostering an appreciation for the visual arts and the surrounding art community.

The project includes seventy-five fiberglass Hokie Birds that will be decorated and painted by regional artists and Virginia Tech art alumni, and then displayed throughout the town of Blacksburg. Businesses or individuals may sponsor a Hokie Bird for a $2,500 donation, or secure permanent ownership with a donation of $7,500. The sponsorship will run for the duration of the public exhibit—July 2006 to October 2006—at which time the statues will be sold at auction and subsequently moved to their permanent destinations.

Community art projects such as "Gobble de Art" have gained great notoriety around the country, including such campaigns as "Horse Fever" in Lexington, Kentucky; "We Let the Dog's Out" in Athens Georgia; and "The Big Pig Gig" in Cincinnati, Ohio. "Gobble de Art" will provide a great opportunity for Hokie fans and art enthusiasts to show their support for Virginia Tech, and contribute to the long term vitality of the Blacksburg community. Proceeds generated by "Gobble de Art" will fund the Blacksburg Partnership's efforts to enhance quality of life in Blacksburg.

For more information about the project, and to download sponsorship and call-to-artist materials, click here or contact Diane Akers at (540) 443-2008.

The Blacksburg Partnership Foundation is a non-profit, independent economic development organization formed by the town of Blacksburg and the business and university communities. The purpose of the organization is to bolster the vitality of Blacksburg by promoting the quality of life and enhancement of full service retail districts.

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