Virginia Tech will offer specialized admissions to students displaced by Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. "We will offer admission for non-degree status on a case by case basis to qualified undergraduate or graduate students for the fall and/or spring semester. We know that it will be difficult for students already traumatized by the tragedies in the South, but these are not normal times and we want to do everything in our power to help students stay on their academic paths," said Charles Steger, president.

Tech's program will be open to students already enrolled in a school shut down or likely to remain closed as a result of the hurricane.

The university residence halls have a very limited number of on-campus spaces available, but many off-campus apartment complexes have vacancies and are willing to offer special arrangements to students displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Undergraduate students interested should immediately contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, (540) 231-6267 or and complete an application at Graduate students should contact the Graduate School, (540) 231-7581. Students and their families are advised to act quickly. Admissions will not take applications after 5 P.M on Wed., Sept. 7. Virginia Tech completed its second week of the 15-week semester today. Admissions personnel will be available Saturday and on Monday, Labor Day, to assist.

David Ford, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs calls the Virginia Tech option a "temporary academic experience" that will allow students to complete transferable credit courses back to their home university. Ford says, "Our hearts go out to everyone in those grief stricken areas. This is but one small way that we can help ease the pain for those struggling to recover."

As of this writing, the university also is investigating ways to expand on-line course offerings to assist affected students. The Sloan Foundation is considering offering grants to universities to expand existing on-line course programs and Tech has responded. Displaced faculty in hurricane affected areas interested in visiting faculty status are encouraged to contact Provost Mark McNamee, (540) 231-6123.

The university also has a web site at about helping the victims of Katrina.

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