Ron Kagawa of Arlington, Va., associate professor of landscape architecture at Virginia Tech, has co-written a book titled "Cobb's Island, Virginia: The Last Sentinal." The book offers a glimpse of the place that was and remains the 1,300 acre, four-mile-long Cobb's Island, one of Virginia's barrier islands owned and protected by the Nature Conservancy's Virginia Coast Reserve.

The book is co-written by J. Richard Kellam and records written and spoken narratives, contemporary and historical black and white photographs and drawings of the now barren place once home to a flourishing hunting and fishing resort, the first U.S. Life Saving Service facility, and the Cobb family.

Kagawa has been coordinating the landscape architecture program at Virginia Tech's Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center since 1996. He has served as the City of Alexandria, Virginia's Landscape Architect, and is a registered landscape architect in Maryland and Texas. He is a former president of the Potomac Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects and received an undergraduate degree in landscape architecture from the University of Texas and a graduate degree in architecture from Virginia Tech. His areas of expertise include urban design, cultural resources management, town planning and design-based interdisciplinary practice.


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