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What goes on behind the scenes of Virginia Tech's Engineering Expo?

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The Engineering Expo at Virginia Tech is the second largest student-run career fair in the country. The Expo provides an opportunity for employers to connect with Virginia Tech students and provide more information on the positions they need to fill. What most people don't see is the 14 students who work tirelessly to make this event happen.
The Virginia Tech Engineering Expo is put on by the suit Engineers Council and we're a counselor, 14 students, and we oversee the second largest student run career fair in the nation. We have over 300 employers coming this year to the Expo. Hiring for all majors and all industries, internships, co-ops, and full-time opportunities. There are companies out there that want to hire Virginia Tech engineering students. That's what makes It's the 14 of us getting together and putting in a culmination of lots and lots of months and years of prep work in advance to put on this three or four day this year event to give students more opportunities to get those jobs and to give companies more opportunities to come and speak with students and just interact with the campus in general. So I'm in charge of the company side, so I'm in charge of conducting with companies, marketing. The company is getting companies to come to Tech and be interested in recruiting students. And that part of my job, not super hard. It's more of making sure we're organized and making sure we have, we know what days companies are coming. The biggest challenge of Expo is really just scale. Expo is the largest career fair on campus. And every year we max out what the campus events spaces can hold and they tell us there's no way you can possibly make this larger but next year, but we're a group of 14 engineering students. So if there's one thing that we know how to do is overcome constraints. A successful expo, to me is just maximizing the amounts of connections that students are able to make with employers every year, It pains us, we have to turn companies away that want to come at higher Virginia Tech engineering students. You know, if the extra work we put into reconfigure a space helps even want additional student get an interview or a job offer bath worth it to us. We as a group, get to impact so many different lives through Expo. And I can't imagine feeling more fulfilled than any other role. And it's been probably one of my most fondest memories of bridging attack that I've already made and will remember for the rest of my life.