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Commonwealth Cyber Initiative partners with DC Water

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Commonwealth Cyber Initiative partnered with DC Water to develop new methods that use AI models and data science technologies to protect against cyber threats, predict water flow and levels, and promote environmental safety. The CCI team are currently one of the top three finalists in the 2022 Intelligent Water Systems Challenge.

We have been developing a partnership with DC Water. We're developing solutions for them that are based on intelligent algorithms to help them predict water levels at their facility and the tunnel that they had been developing as well, to avoid issues when it comes to environmental challenges and dumping water into the Potomac River. One of the main initiatives that we have going on here, is that through our control systems, we are collecting tremendous amounts of processed data. And what we'd like to accomplish through our partnership with Virginia Tech is to use machine-learning to see if we could get actionable insight from our data. Most of the water from all treatment facilities in this area get dumped into the Potomac River. And we're trying to do is maximize the quality of that water before it gets dumped into the river. And to save the environment and help with all kinds of river and water bodies, health in the state and across the nation. In collaboration with DC Water, we submitted an entry to the water environment federations competition, which is called the intelligence water systems. And we will pass the first multiple phases. And now we are selected as the top three entry. Definitely the credit goes to the whole team and definitely professor supervised the whole thing. So his guidance was inevitable. And we got resources from our lab. For example, we used our, our labs test bed, which was a great help in terms of computational calculations and building the model and other stuff. So everyone helped us during that project. So it was a great teamwork effort.