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Virginia Tech Rescue Squad receives REVIVE! training

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Category: impact Video duration: Virginia Tech Rescue Squad receives REVIVE! training
Hokie Wellness provided the training for VT Rescue Squad in hopes that the collaboration can lead to better community wide awareness of opioid overdoses.
I've always been very passionate about substance use and recovery and that kind of stuff and awareness. So I started looking for groups in the community that kind of work with that. And I found the recovery community and I reached out to them and, was like, How can I help? How can we use our resources to raise awareness and try to help in this topic? And then they referred me to Hokie Wellness. Since 2019. Hokie Wellness has been teaching the REVIVE! training. Ana actually approached us, and asked if we would be able to partner with VT Rescue and get some of their staff trained. So that they could help us get the REVIVE! training out to more students on campus. Overdoses can happen to anyone. It's not like a specific population. So it's very important to raise that awareness in university campuses. Getting more people trained, more people confident, more people empowered to respond to an opioid overdose when you see it, is the goal of the State of Virginia. And as Hokie Wellness, as VT Rescue, I think that we can partner together to really get a lot, a lot more of that knowledge out into the communities. In our university there's so many small groups that are working towards something. And the way to achieve that goal is reaching out and trying to work together. That's why I think this is really valuable. Because it's not only our organization that is working towards raising awareness, but like reaching and spreading that through the community with other organizations.