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College of Engineering Holds Student Organized Volleyball Tournament

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Matthew Drew, a senior in Materials Science and Engineering, organized a college-wide volleyball tournament for his fellow engineers. Drew felt that engineers could use a stress break and hoped the friendly competition would be a way for them to meet other Hokies. All departments from the College of Engineering were represented and battled it out to see who would be crowned champ.
The volleyball tournament started with regular intramural sports through the rec sports department, organized a few of my classmates just kinda go through it and we just felt the season with a little short, wanted a little more. So we all came up with this idea to organize this giant tournament for the College of Engineering. Something for every engineer to maybe take a little downtime once a week, spread it out over the semester. Something to have just like a little bit a competitive fun on top like school and academics, just to give you a little bit of a stress break. The main reason we settled on volleyball is that it's really a sport that's open to everyone of all kinds of athleticism. It doesn't take that much to pick up, save maybe two hours of practice and you'll be a half decent player that can make a meaningful impact on the team. So itself perfect for someone like an engineering student that might not have the time to commit to like four days of practice. They could just show up when they can give that meaningful impact and still have fun with it. I think the overall excitement has been hype, hype everywhere, everyone. It's like okay, we're invested, we're all in. Let's make the most of that. And I think you could see by a lot of the social media post pictures of houses like that as these teams are having fun and they want everyone to know this with hopefully an opportunity for students meet other engineers and other departments. I think everyone can attest to exercise having a positive impact on mental health. This whole tournament was supposed to be a further avenue to give students that kind of opportunity. Giving students just that little bit of break of academics. It's just the perfect time to just kind of laid back, relaxed in a healthy way that's beneficial for everyone.