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Growley II to retire after years of service

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After five years of greeting people across campus, sharing the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets story, and providing tail wags and morale boosts to cadets, Growley II (call sign “Tank”) will retire at the end of this semester.
I have a lot of pet names for and that was probably the biggest one. And I call muffin. Key is referred to as the second valley or crowley the second. But as cosine is tank, which means he responds to tank, he's familiar with tank and that is his pain. All the handlers column. It seems like most of the population cultural values because that's what they known as. Crowley is a certified usda animal, which means he is permitted around the university to do exhibition events. He goes to all sorts of advice. Every core event, whether it's arrays, past reviews, ball games, and then any event that's requested by organizations either in Blacksburg area or are they just have a lot of therapy training and background. So that is where his skills are rooted in, where he really truly is comfortable. Worked at a hospital, you're working within a system. So he has quite a bit of a resume. And then we came to us in 2006 tool and now he's happy little dog, they can do it all. So the first time I ever took him to the beach, I could never have imagined how excited to take would be. I never heard the dogs make any sort of vocal sound prior to the beach and after taking into the beach multiple times a week now, helpline and talk to you and he's sandwich more vocal and I brought him back and all the handlers and he talks to you now we so vocal. The pandemic happened and so tank ended up coming home and living with me. So I got an extra six months with him. Then after the pandemic, it was apparent to me that he was not necessarily eager to do an entire football season alone. Again, how can you blame and nine-year-olds AUG after COVID to want to go back and pull force field the retiring at the end of the semester, application process going on right now, decide who's they get him after he retires. We do know it will be for the former handlers. I work with them because they know best and he knows them. We could really end up anywhere in the country depending on where that Hailar lives. Our team advisor and I started working on really solidifying transition program. And in that transition program, it became apparent that it would be easier forte to keep living with me since I already had him for such an extended period of time. So you still with me until it's retirement? Probably three is going to take over the majority of the events, but you will still be around you that as a therapy tool for our cadets, sat versa, his official retirement will be this winter break. It's going to be really hard for me. I do know that Hopi with somebody that we'll be able to properly care for him and him are really great retirement ink. That's the only thing that keeps me alright with the situation. He's special and help make somebody else. It's like a special. Live out the rest of his days. Happy and healthy as a normal dog. I think that he's brought so much love to the school that it's only appropriate that we can tell you that in our next dog, I hope that the program continues to thrive as well as it did in their tanks.