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Tree removal operations to occur near Pearson Hall

From: The Division of Campus Planning, Infrastructure, and Facilities

On Wednesday, Aug. 9 - Friday, Aug. 11, tree removal operations will occur near Pearson Hall (weather permitting). 

In 2020, symptoms of Dutch elm disease were discovered in the Dutch elm (ULHO-611 in the Campus Tree Inventory) at Pearson Hall and the disease was confirmed by retired plant pathology expert Jay Stipes. This spring, the tree was assessed for next steps in the tree’s preservation plan. The Urban Forest Manager and University Arborist Jamie King discovered symptoms throughout approximately 75 percent of the remaining crown.

Despite several years of intensive care including therapeutic treatments, other arboriculture practices, and much needed mulching provided by the Division of Campus Planning, Infrastructure, and Facilities' Grounds team, the largest planted tree on campus is succumbing to Dutch elm disease. The devastating disease threatens most elms on campus and the division's Urban Forestry team coordinates a preventative treatment program to protect those trees. This Legacy Tree must be removed to prevent infection of other trees on campus.

Plans are in development to replace the tree with disease resistant species this fall.

Questions may be directed to Jamie King at

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