From: Virginia Tech Facilities

Beginning approximately Aug. 1 through winter 2021, there will be ongoing pedestrian, parking, and road impacts surrounding the Holden Hall capital construction site.

Construction site fencing and a construction access road will be installed between the end of the week of July 29 through the first week of August. 

Construction fencing will eliminate access to parking spaces and the sidewalk on the south side of Old Turner Street, north of Holden Hall, as well as portions of several sidewalks south of Holden Hall, and the alley and walkway between Holden Hall and McBryde Hall.

During construction, five new ADA spaces will be relocated on Old Turner Street to north of McBryde Hall, to offset the loss of ADA parking spaces in front of the north side of Holden Hall. 

The main sidewalk along the south side of Holden Hall will remain open through most of construction; however, there will be periodic construction vehicle traffic that will cross this sidewalk several times daily. To ensure safety of pedestrians during these crossings, temporary gates will swing across the sidewalk to momentarily stop pedestrian traffic to allow construction vehicles to pass. These crossings will be coordinated by flagging on site. 

Click here to view a map of the impacted areas surrounding Holden Hall and the temporary access road that will be installed. View the interactive Campus Road Closure Map for the latest road closures and disruptions across campus.

For additional information or questions, please contact Todd Shelton.

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