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Old growth forest adjacent to Lane Stadium tree risk assessment and mitigation underway

From: The Division of Campus Planning, Infrastructure, and Facilities

Throughout 2023, Urban Forest Manager and University Arborist Jamie King performed proactive tree risk assessments for targeted trees along the most highly utilized paths through the old growth forest adjacent to Lane Stadium.

The results recommend maintenance opportunities stemming from the analysis that will help mitigate potential safety risks to the university community while supporting conservation of the forest.

Two wildlife snags with advanced stages of decay in close proximity to the north and west edges of the old growth forest adjacent to Lane Stadium will be removed and several trees will be pruned. The pruning practices recommended for risk reduction support tree preservation by limiting deadwood and tree and branch failures that may create wounds and expose trees to decay organisms. Debris resulting from tree removal will remain within the forest, supporting the forests delicate ecology.

Maintenance activities will begin in September 2023.

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