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Mental health resources are available during the holidays

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From: Hokie Wellness

The holidays can be challenging times. Extra stress, unrealistic expectations, or even sentimental memories that accompany the season can be a catalyst for the holiday blues, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

A number of seasonal factors can exasperate this, such as, less sunlight, changes in your diet or routine, alcohol at parties, or the inability to be with friends or family.

Virginia Tech offers a number of mental health resources to employees.

  • TimelyCare offers employees three services:
    • TalkNow, an on-demand service available 24/7 that connects an employee with a mental health professional to address issues promptly by telephone or video. It provides immediate care in a crisis.
    • Twelve scheduled counseling appointments per academic year with counselors licensed in the state where the employee is located.
    • Unlimited health coaching appointments providing information and guided sessions on well-being topics such as dealing with conflict, time management, exercise, sleep, nutrition, weight management, tobacco cessation, mindfulness, and more.
  • Employee Assistance Program
    • Anthem at 855-223-9277
    • Aetna at 888-238-6232
    • Kaiser Permanente at 866-517-7042
    • Optima Health Vantage HMO at 866-846-2682
  • Hokie Wellness can help you connect to and navigate these and other resources.
    •  540-231-8878 (employees)
    • 540-231-2233 (students)

Be sure to take extra care to tend to your overall health and wellness during this time. You don’t have to feel alone during the holidays!

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