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Student email and calendar migration: what to expect

As announced this summer, Virginia Tech is consolidating all students and employees to a single platform, Microsoft Exchange Online, for email and calendar services.

For students, this change will take place after the fall 2023 semester ends, over winter break.

What to expect

  • Virginia Tech will migrate your email inbox and calendar events for you from Gmail/Google Calendar to Microsoft Exchange Online, which uses the Outlook email and calendar apps. 
  • Once your email and calendar have been migrated, you will no longer be able to log into Gmail or Google Calendar. These apps will be turned off, and will no longer appear in your VT Google account.
  • The best way to confirm that your email has been switched is to log into Exchange Online and open the Outlook app to view your email. This is expected to happen in early January 2024, prior to the start of spring semester. 


  • Keep using your Gmail normally until the switchover — your ability to receive, send, and reply to emails will not be affected. Once email is switched over, all your emails will still be there, only now you’ll access them through Exchange Online.
  • Avoid reorganizing your Gmail inbox (e.g., adding or moving labels) from now on. In Exchange Online, your labeled email will be put in folders, which are similar to labels in Gmail. However, Exchange Online only allows email to be in one folder - so it will pick the first label on a message and put the message in that folder. Doing a lot of reorganization at this point may result in duplicate emails in your inbox after the migration; not the end of the world, but potentially confusing for you later on. 
  • Take note of anyone you share your calendar with. After the switch to Microsoft, you will need to reshare your Outlook calendar with them. Here’s how
  • And, just to be clear, you’ll still have a VT Google account, which includes Google Drive storage and apps (Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, etc.) and Google Groups. Only Gmail, Calendar, and Photos are going away. 

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