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Employees use creative fundraising to support charities through the CVC

Photo of a bowl of chili with sour cream on top
The Vice President for Finance senior management area held a Hokie Chili Bowl Classic to benefit the campaign. Photo courtesy of

From: Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign

As we move into the final weeks of the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC), Virginia Tech employees are devising creative fundraising strategies to help the campaign meet its goal.

The Vice President for Finance senior management area, which has already met its goal, held a Hokie Chili Bowl Classic to benefit the campaign, raising $822 in support of the Montgomery County Christmas Store (CVC Code 200267) and the Virginia Tech Rescue Squad (CVC Code 200153).

After a comprehensive taste test and exacting scoring process, Kayla Pace, from the Bursar’s Office, was declared the champion with her recipe for Spicy Texas Chili. She was the recipient of the VPF Chili Champion Apron and Golden Ladle of Excellence.

“The CVC brings out a strong sense of community, enthusiasm, and ‘friendly competition’ within all our departments,” said Finance Steering Team representative Nick Woods. "Food plus fun plus fellowship is the sweet spot for an impactful CVC departmental activity.”

Outreach and International Affairs is well on its way to reaching its goal. According to Steering Team representative Jane Swan, regular communication to employees is key. “We just keep sending reminders and updates to our faculty and staff,” she said. Current plans call for drawings for things such as a “jeans Friday” or a week of telework.

Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine  (VTCSOM), which is well over its goal, planned numerous events. Said Courtney Powell, CVC co-chair and VTCSOM Steering Team representative, “We sent weekly update emails to staff with current totals and information on upcoming events. We give lots of positive reinforcement for everyone’s efforts and kindness.” Events have included a curry cook-off, a basket auction, and a present-wrapping service.

The Office of the Executive Vice President and Chief Operation Officer is closing in on reaching its goal. Steering Team member Meredith Massman said, “My goal has mostly been having in-person discussions about what the CVC is. I feel it’s been helpful for people to understand what it is and how to donate."

Since 2010, Virginia Tech employees have donated nearly $4.4 million to local charities in Blacksburg, the New River Valley, and across Virginia through the CVC.  This year’s goal is $400,000. The campaign runs until Dec. 8.

Donate now to the CVC through a payroll deduction or by cash, check, or online donation.

For questions or assistance, please contact your department representative or steering team member. More information can be found on the CVC website.

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